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Topic: Emotional freedom



“The fear of showing

my emotion just put

me in a complete jail.”  

Client Comment


Without deep feeling,

there can be no deep


Diana Fosha, Ph.D.




“I have seen Susan Warren Warshow’s work on videotape and have been most impressed with her deeply insightful, sensitive, and fearless approach, leading to outstanding therapeutic results. I have the greatest confidence in her.”

David H. Malan, DM, FRCPsych
Tavistock Clinic
Author, Individual Psychotherapy and
the Science of Psychodynamics
, et al.


"If you want to learn how to be more effective and efficient in producing positive and lasting change in your patients, you couldn’t find a better teacher than Susan Warshow. With grace, humor, and deep compassion for both patients and trainees, she will guide you in the development of skills and capacities that will enhance your work and your life immeasurably."

Patricia Coughlin (Della Selva), PhD
Faculty, ISTDP Institute, Author, Lives Transformed

Susan Warren Warshow practices psychotherapy and is on the faculty of the ISTDP Institute, the Southern California Society for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and is an IEDTA-Accredited Teacher and Supervisor. Her expertise is in an accelerated, attachment-centered, emotion and somatic-focused, experiential dynamic therapy for individuals and couples.

She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relational issues and self-defeating patterns. Clients also seek help for job-related stress, anger management, overeating, addictive patterns, and ailments with a psychosomatic base, such as some migraine headaches and gastro-intestinal disorders. Clients also come to her for help with realizing their maximum potential.

Emotional pain that goes unresolved impoverishes one's life unnecessarily. People often do not realize when important emotions are being bypassed, dismissed or superficially experienced and that a great cost to oneself and to significant others results. When client and therapist begin to accurately identify true feelings so they can be experienced freely, this typically leads to profound behavioral and psychological change.

Many clients express that Susan’s focused, goal oriented, actively engaged, and deeply empathic approach is profoundly transformational. Goals that have not been actualized for years begin to be achieved. Greater choice, clarity, and self-direction emerge. The cycle of passing on maladaptive patterns from parent to child is interrupted. And most gratifyingly, the capacity for healthy, sustainable relationships in all areas of life becomes a reality.

Susan Warren Warshow, M.S.W.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


“Your face comes to mind often when I am in one of my moods where I’m being unkind to myself and a voice comes up that says, 'be gentle with yourself…" I see your eyes and I see the compassion that comes from them and I 'remember' to be present and real in my gentleness, to stop the self-hatred and stop the sabotaging personality from making me miserable.”

Client Comment


"Susan, my time spent with you in our sessions was very valuable. The work we did was much more on a cellular level than I have ever experienced in therapy. Processing my anger has been very liberating and not only did you give me permission to feel it, you led me through some really deep stuff."

Client Comment


"I felt really empowered by (the therapy) and I continue to feel that way. I’m taking the things that make me the most uncomfortable and I’m going for them. I don’t want to feel lousy anymore. I don’t want to ever feel depressed. I feel like this is definitely helping me to take charge of my life and that’s my theme and my resolution for this New Year… to empower myself as much as possible. I know that’s the key to feeling good. Thank you for everything."

Client Comment


“I feel like I've come out of this cloud bank, of doubt. And you're so thankful, so profoundly thankful... for finding your depth. For finding that you're not a failure. And that you're capable. And that you are a good person.

It's just a powerful time.  In that you just love yourself.”

Client Comment


“I am thankful for our time together…it was a rich time of introspection, discovery and healing.”

Client Comment


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